Student Fee

  • School Fee- $75

    In order to offset costs, each student is expected to pay a school fee of $75, which will be collected from students at the start of the school year. The fee will be used to purchase an agenda book for 2nd– 8th grades, all students K-8 will get a Pulaski t-shirt,  instructional materials, including classroom workbooks and Scholastic magazines; and technology repairs, support with school field trips for students in need.

    Please send your child’s student fee to his/her teacher by September 19. If circumstances do not allow you to meet this deadline, please make special arrangements at the Main office.

    Fee Waiver Information

    To qualify for the fee waiver, the Family Income Information Form (FIIF – see below) must be completed and returned to the school. For those who qualify, the CPS Fee Waiver Form ( may be filled out and returned to the school. 

    Family Income Information Form (FIIF) – The Community Eligibility Provision (CEP) of the Healthy, Hunger­Free Kids Act of 2010 allows CPS to offer free breakfast and lunch to all students. As such, Free and Reduced Meal (FRM) applications will not be collected from parent/guardians of CPS students. All schools will now collect the Family Income Information Form (FIIF) in order to determine the appropriate allocation of the Title I, SGSA and E­Rate funds, as well as student eligibility to waive other fees such as book, testing fees, school fees, etc. It is imperative that every Pulaski student submits a Family Income Information Form every school year. 

    Middle School (6th-8th grade) Technology Fee – $50

    This fee is only for 6th-8th graders who receive a school-issued Chromebook for use at home and while at school. The fee covers repair of a computer that is accidentally damaged, dropped, spilled on, zapped by an electrical surge, etc. The current costs to replace miscellaneous parts that are damaged by the user, lost, or stolen: AC Power Adapter: $25, Chromebook: $250, Screen: $50, Battery: $25