Single Subject Teachers

  • All Pulaski International School of Chicago teachers are of the highest caliber. Teaching in Chicago, in a community-supported IB World School authorized program is an attractive prospect which is not open to many Chicago Public School teachers. This has enabled Pulaski to be highly selective in offering teaching positions to the most experienced, highly qualified and committed of teachers. Teachers are supported by a dedicated team of educational leaders and staff.

  • Single Subject Teachers

  • Sra. Halliday

    Language Acquisition/Spanish – Room 107

    Ms. Halliday knows language learning is a life-long process – she started learning Spanish when she was 10 years old, and it has been her favorite class ever since! Ms. Halliday tries to make her classes fun and engaging by incorporating music, movement, art, puppets, and social emotional learning. Before Ms. Halliday became a Spanish teacher, she was a magazine writer! She is a graduate of Northwestern University’s Medill School of Journalism (BSJ), Loyola University’s School of Education (MEd), and is currently enrolled in DePaul’s Master’s of Clinical Mental Health and School Counseling program. Ms. Halliday has completed professional training in mindfulness, self-compassion, Conscious Discipline, and kids’ yoga teaching. When she’s not teaching, Ms. Halliday loves riding her bike, practicing yoga, reading and crafting.
    La Sra. Halliday sabe que el aprendizaje de idiomas es un proceso que dura toda la vida – ella empezó a aprender el español cuando tenía 10 años, y el español ha sido su clase favorita desde entonces. La Sra. Halliday intenta hacer que sus clases sean divertidas e interesantes por medio de incorporar la música, el movimiento, el arte, marionetas, y el aprendizaje socioemocional. Antes de ser una maestra de español, la Sra. Halliday fue periodista. Ella se graduó de la Escuela de Periodismo Medill en la Universidad de Northwestern 
    (BSJ), la Escuela de Educación en la Universidad Loyola (MEd), y actualmente está matriculada en un programa de Consejería Escolar en la Universidad DePaul. La Sra. Halliday ha completado clases profesionales en mindfulness, self-compassion, disciplina consciente, y enseñanza de yoga para niños. Cuando no está enseñando español, a la Sra. Halliday le encanta montar en bicicleta, practicar yoga, leer y hacer arte.

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  • Sra. Hernandez

    Language Acquisition/Spanish – Room 107

    Sra. Hernández begins her 8th year with the Spanish team at Pulaski this 2020-2021 school year. She is a proud Chicago native and daughter of Mexican immigrants. As a heritage speaker of Spanish, she believes in the benefits of being bilingual as supported by research and personal experience. La Sra. Hernandez is committed to helping all children become developing bilinguals. She received her B.A. from Northeastern Illinois University with majors in Spanish and Criminal Justice and her M.A. in Secondary Education from Loyola University, Chicago. In her free time, she enjoys spending time with her family, reading Spanish books with her 2 year old and newborn, and finding new ways to be a better Spanish teacher. 

    Sra. Hernández empieza su 8o año con el equipo de español de Pulaski este año escolar 2020-2021. La Sra. Hernández es una orgullosa nativa de Chicago e hija de inmigrantes mexicanos. Como parlante de herencia del español, ella cree en los beneficios de ser bilingüe, cuyos son apoyados por investigación y por experiencia personal. La Sra. Hernández está comprometida a ayudar a todos sus estudiantes a convertirse en bilingües en desarrollo. La Sra. Hernández obtuvo su bachiller en  estudio del Español y Justicia Criminal de la Universidad de Northeastern Illinois. Ella realizó su formación como docente en la Universidad de Loyola Chicago. En su tiempo de ocio, la Sra. Hernández disfruta pasando el tiempo con su familia, leer libros en español con su hija de 2 años y bebé recién nacido, y buscar maneras de ser una mejor maestra. 

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  • Sr. Lipnick

    Language Acquisition/Spanish – Room 107

    Mr. Lipnick is one of Pulaski’s Spanish Language Acquisition teachers.  Mr. Lipnick attended the University of Iowa, where he received his Master’s degree in Spanish Literature.  He previously taught dual language in CPS and Spanish at the college level.   Before beginning his teaching career, Mr. Lipnick worked in public health helping to put on clinics for migrant farm workers in Iowa. When he’s not teaching, Mr. Lipnick enjoys riding his bike, camping, learning new languages, reading, writing and traveling.  He has spent considerable time studying in Spain, Chile and Mexico.  Mr. Lipnick also loves running and coaching the Pulaski 7/8th grade Track and Cross Country teams.
    El Sr. Lipnick es uno de los maestros de adquisición del idioma español de Pulaski. El Sr. Lipnick asistió a la Universidad de Iowa, donde recibió su Maestría en Literatura Española. Anteriormente él enseñó lenguaje dual en CPS y clases de español para principiantes a nivel universitario. Antes de comenzar su carrera docente, el Sr. Lipnick trabajó en salud pública, ayudando a establecer clínicas para trabajadores agrícolas migrantes en Iowa. Cuando no está enseñando, al Sr. Lipnick le gusta andar en bicicleta, acampar, estudiar nuevos idiomas, leer, escribir y viajar. Ha pasado un tiempo considerable estudiando en España, Chile y México. A Lipnick también le encanta correr y entrenar a los equipos de atletismo de Pulaski.

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  • Mr. Battin

    Physical and Health Education – Gym

    Mr. Battin is the MYP Physical Education and Health Education teacher at Pulaski International School of Chicago.

    He lives on the Northwest side of Chicago with his wife and 3 children. 

    He received his teaching certificate through the Physical Education/Kinesiology program at Northern Illinois University and is pursuing his Masters Degree.

    Mr. Battin is a huge fan of the Chicago Cubs, Blackhawks, Bears, and Bulls and enjoys watching and attending games whenever possible.

    Hobbies include:  working out, biking, playing all sorts of sports and racing sports cars. 

    Mr. Battin looks forward to the upcoming year at Pulaski and providing your child with a high-quality Physical & Health Education experience.

    View International Baccalaureate Middle Years Program (MYP) Description

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  • Mr. Schram

    Personal and Physical Education – Gym

    Mr. Schram is a Physical Education and Health teacher at Pulaski International School of Chicago and teaches grades K-5. He received his Bachelor’s of Business Administration degree from the University of Iowa in 2003.  He received a Bachelor’s degree in Exercise Science from Robert Morris University in 2005.  In 2010, Mr. Schram received his Master’s of Arts of Teaching degree from North Park University. Mr. Schram has been a personal trainer and lifestyle and weight management coach since 2005. He also holds a Youth Fitness Specialist certificate from the International Youth and Conditioning Association. He works with children, teenagers, and adults helping them lead healthier lives. He enjoys training young athletes helping them improve their strength and performance in various sports. Mr. Schram enjoys watching all the Chicago sports teams, as well as the Iowa Hawkeyes!

    Mr. Schram looks forward to the upcoming year at Pulaski and providing your child with a quality Physical Education experience. Students at Pulaski participate in physical education class two times per 6 days for 60 minutes. Students learn about their bodies, engage in exercise to improve their cardiovascular system and improve their muscular strength and endurance, participate in individual and team sports, learn about nutrition, and other health concepts. Students at Pulaski are asked to think critically about their bodies and how they move, situational decision making during sports, and short-term and long-term benefits of living a healthy lifestyle. Affective learning behaviors such as the demonstration of team work and positive encouragement/reinforcement of other students will be emphasized consistently throughout the year.

    Proper attire is paramount to ensure the safety of your child in Physical Education class. Students are required to wear athletic shoe without marking soles at all times. Boots, sandals, flip-flops, and Crocs will not be permitted. Large hoop earrings and necklaces will not be allowed. Students that do not have the proper attire will not be allowed to participate in physical activity.

    Children should receive at least 60 minutes of physical activity every day.  You can help your child receive the recommended amount of physical activity by exercising with them.  You and your child can exercise together by going for a bike ride, walking or running together, playing catch, or swimming.

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  • Ms. Swinford

    Visual Arts – Room 207

    Ms. Swinford is the Visual Arts teacher at Pulaski and works with students from Kindergarten to 8th grade. Before coming to Pulaski, Ms. Swinford taught middle school art at a Chicago Public School in Gage Park and worked for three years as an art teacher at a private residential treatment facility at the University of Chicago. Ms. Swinford has a Master’s degree in art education from Columbia College Chicago and has completed coursework for endorsements in special education and teaching English as a second language.  Ms Swinford believes in the unique power of art education to transform the way students look at our world and is dedicated to fostering a commitment to social justice, self-discovery, and a love for learning that lasts a lifetime.In addition to art and teaching, Ms. Swinford has a passion for travel. She has visited over 30 countries and helped to start a non-profit organization in Tanzania in 2010. Ms. Swinford initially traveled to Tanzania in 2008 as a volunteer English instructor and left motivated to help Tanzanian students gain access to quality education. She collaborated with two other educators to start EdPowerment, which is an education-based 501(c)3 in the United States.  The organization supports a local community center in Moshi, Tanzania, sponsors over 50 Tanzanian students in high school and university, and works to advocate for individuals with intellectual disabilities throughout Tanzania. Ms. Swinford lived there for a year after she completed graduate school and returns each summer to run programs. She loves incorporating her experiences in Tanzania, and other countries around the world, with the lessons she teaches to students in her own classroom. If you’re lucky, she might even teach you how to say hello in Swahili. 🙂

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    Instagram: @thesaberstudio
  • Mr. Green

    Music/Band – Room 114

    During his undergraduate studies at VanderCook College of Music, Mr. Green had taught various ensembles throughout Chicago. This is his 10th year at Pulaski International School of Chicago. During this time, Mr. Green has taught Pre K-8 music classes, Beginning Band, Advanced Band, Jazz/Modern Band, and the Marching Sabers. He has also been the co-director for the CPS All-City High School Band (North Region) and CPS All-City Elementary Band for 2013, 2016 – 2019. Mr. Green earned his bachelor’s degree in Music Education with certification to teach grades K-12 in 2011.

    The mission of the music program at Pulaski is to have students excel in music in all of its forms and to learn advanced concepts in a fun, yet safe, environment.

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  • Mr. Wojciaczyk

    Design – Room 110

    Mr. Wojciaczyk joined the Pulaski Staff in April 2013. Mr. Wojciaczyk teaches MYP Design to students in 6th, 7th and 8th grade and computer science to 5th grade. Mr. Wojciaczyk graduated from Northern Illinois University in DeKalb with a Bachelor of Science degree in elementary education with endorsements in Science, Social Sciences, Language Arts, and Music. He has also obtained a Transitional Bilingual Certificate in Polish. Additionally, Mr. Wojciaczyk holds a Master Degree in Educational Technology with concentration in digital teaching and learning and computer applications endorsement. Mr. Wojciaczyk believes that the purpose of education is to provide our next generation of students with the necessary knowledge and life skills that will make them successful and responsible citizens of our community. Mr. Wojciaczyk hopes to achieve this goal by providing his students with numerous learning experiences and opportunities that will allow them to enrich their learning not only in the classroom but outside of the classroom as well. This year Mr. Wojciaczyk hopes to encourage his students to dream big and help them gain an understanding of themselves, and what they want to achieve in their lives. Mr. Wojciaczyk was born in Poland, and through his international experiences, he is looking forward to enhancing the IB program at Pulaski. He is excited to incorporate his multi-cultural perspective when teaching problem solving and creativity in his Design classes. In his free time you can find Mr. Wojciaczyk swimming laps, SCUBA diving, working on his marine fish tank, and playing his bassoon. He also enjoys musical theater and new technology. Mr. W advises the Pulaski TV club that produces the Pulaski News.

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  • Mr. McCarthy

    Librarian and Information and Communication Technologies – Library Media Center

    The 2020-2021 school year will be Mr. McCarthy’s third year as the Library Information Specialist for Pulaski International School of Chicago, though Mr. McCarthy brings several years of experience to the position with this being his fifteenth year of teaching in CPS and his tenth year as a school librarian.  Prior to embarking on his career in education, Mr. McCarthy graduated from Marquette University with a bachelor of science degree in Advertising, and earned a master of arts degree in Elementary Education from Chicago State University with endorsements in both Library Information & Media Science and Language Arts.  Mr. McCarthy aims to instill a love of reading in all students and strives to equip students with the skills necessary to become lifelong learners.  He lives in the Avondale neighborhood with his wife, Jordan, and in his free time likes to travel, collect vinyl records, and spend time with family.

    Check out the Library Media Center Website.

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