August 26, 2018

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This is Pulaski’s main form of communication. Please sign up for Pulaski International School of Chicago @pulaskii and for each of your classrooms: here are the classroom codes:

Obtener la aplicación de recordar o ir a
Esta es la forma principal de comunicación de Pulaski.
Por favor inscribase en Pulaski International School Of Chicago a Pulaskii y para cada uno de sus salones de clases aquí estan sus codigos

Remind Pulaski classroom codes
Códigos de Remind para las aulas de Pulaski

To join a class, tap the + by “Classes Joined” and either join with your class code or search for your class.
Para participar en una clase, pulse el + al lado de „Classes Joined” y entre el código de clase o búsque la clase por nombre.

  • Pre-K Room 105 Ms Maldonado @bgga2f
  • Pre-K Room 108 Ms Phyllis @ahgb9
  • Kindergarten Room 001 Ms Mangelsdorf @4gegd8
  • Kindergarten Room 002 Ms Ramos @ffh6hf
  • Kindergarten Room 003 Mr Araujo @3ab82fc82f
  • Kindergarten Room 012 Mrs Harris @4d96k4
  • 1st Grade Room 007 Mrs Needleman @c29h2a
  • 1st Grade Room 005 Ms. Chagoya @ecacke
  • 1st Grade Room 013 Mrs Skoda @gkkeg
  • 1st Grade Room 011 Ms Allen @7chd3
  • 2nd Grade Room 008 Ms Weston @934783
  • 2nd Grade Room 009 Ms Beishir @2d3gf6
  • 2nd Grade Room 010 Ms Rosado @69g4c
  • 2nd Grade Room 014 Ms. Gaeding@h282k6
  • 3rd Grade Room 200 Ms Alley @ 7bga7b
  • 3rd Grade Room 204 Ms Coughlan @f29f6h
  • 3rd Grade Room 208 Ms Zuniga @ce7dd8
  • 3rd Grade Room 206 Mrs Sompheth @4f7bfg
  • 4th Grade Room 203 Ms Tryboski @8gk33
  • 4th Grade Room 211 Ms Cuevas @7d8ba6
  • 4th Grade Room 213 Ms Rodriguez @d4a43a
  • 5th Grade Room 312 Mr Klein @b28a29
  • 5th Grade Room 310 Ms Padilla @f6474
  • 5th Grade Room 304 Ms Barbosa @23a9622
  • 5th Grade Room 314 Ms Berdis @a8gd3h
  • 6th Grade Room 300 Ms Issen @e3fbfh
  • 6th Grade Room 302 Ms Adame @9k7hf8
  • 6th Grade Room 306 Ms Tow @c64ggb
  • 7th Grade Room 301 Ms McNamara @e7d9ce
  • 7th Grade Room 305 Ms Hai @ ag93a
  • 7th Grade Room 307 Ms Reardon @9e822e4
  • 8th Grade Room 303 Ms Jackson @hdcd4cc
  • 8th Grade Room 309 Ms Jimenez @3dd37b4
  • 8th Grade Room 311 Ms Williams @77bcg6
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