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Mr. Schram is a Physical Education and Health teacher at Pulaski International School of Chicago and teaches grades K-5. He received his Bachelor’s of Business Administration degree from the University of Iowa in 2003.  He received a Bachelor’s degree in Exercise Science from Robert Morris University in 2005.  In 2010, Mr. Schram received his Master’s of Arts of Teaching degree from North Park University.Mr. Schram has been a personal trainer and lifestyle and weight management coach since 2005.  He is certified as a personal trainer through the American Council of Exercise. He also holds a Youth Fitness Specialist certificate from the International Youth and Conditioning Association. He works with children, teenagers, and adults helping them lead healthier lives.  He enjoys training young athletes helping them improve their strength and performance in various sports.Mr. Schram has previously taught physical education in Skokie and Mount Prospect.Mr. Schram enjoys watching all the Chicago sports teams as well as the Iowa Hawkeyes!Mr. Schram looks forward to the upcoming year at Pulaski and providing your child with a quality Physical Education experienceProgram DescriptionThere is no denying that physically active children perform better both academically and socially in school.  Students at Pulaski are provided with a quality physical education program serving students in grades K-8.Students at Pulaski participate in physical education class two times per 6 days for 60 minutes.  The program is designed so that your child actively participates in a variety of activities and builds the foundation for them to remain physically active throughout their lives.  Students learn about their bodies, engage in exercise to improve their cardiovascular system and improve their muscular strength and endurance, participate in individual and team sports, learn about nutrition, and other health concepts.Physical Education instruction is designed using both the Illinois State Learning Standards and the National Association of Sports and Physical Education standards.  Students at Pulaski are asked to think critically about their bodies and how they move, situational decision making during sports, and short-term and long-term benefits of living a healthy lifestyle.  Affective learning behaviors such as the demonstration of team work and positive encouragement/reinforcement of other students will be emphasized consistently throughout the year.Proper attire is paramount to ensure the safety of your child in Physical Education class. Students are required to wear an indoor/outdoor athletic shoe without marking soles at all times. Boots, sandals, flip-flops, and Crocs will not be permitted. Large hoop earrings and necklaces will not be allowed. Students that do not have the proper attire will not be allowed to participate in physical activity.Children should receive at least 60 minutes of physical activity every day.  You can help your child receive the recommended amount of physical activity by exercising with them.  You and your child can exercise together by going for a bike ride, walking or running together, playing catch, or swim.

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