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Mr. Lipnick is one of the three IB Language Acquisition teachers at Pulaski International School of Chicago where he has taught Spanish for the past two years.  He is currently teaching all second and third grade Spanish classes and one section each of 6th, 7th and 8th grade.   Mr.  Lipnick taught in a bilingual and dual language elementary classroom for two years prior at another Chicago Public School before coming to Pulaski.  In addition, he previously taught Spanish to undergraduate students at the University of Iowa where he received a Masters in Spanish literature.  During that time Mr. Lipnick was able to spend 6 months in Chile where he worked and went to school. After returning from Chile, Mr. Lipnick worked in public health serving the migrant farm workers of Iowa.Mr. Lipnick loves reading and movies.  His favorite book of all time is 100 Years of Solitude by Gabriel Garcia Marquez.  He also enjoys music and seeing live music with friends and family.  Mr. Lipnick enjoys running and biking and has on two occasions ridden his bike across the entire state of Iowa.  He loves traveling and spent part of the past summer in Costa Rica.  Pura vida!

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3rd grade 3rd quarter unit and vocabulary

Queridos padres, Durante esta unidad, los estudiante aprenderán como describir nuestros pasatiempos en español.  En particular, los estudiantes participarán en actividades y experiencias para conjugar 10 verbos en la primera, segunda y tercera persona.  A la vez vamos a pensar en por qué tenemos pasatiempos y lo que podemos aprender sobre una cultura de sus […]

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