Dress Code and Student Fee

PreK – 8th Grade

PreK – Students and parents may choose clothing that is appropriate for school. Pulaski Spirit Wear is encouraged on any day.

PE Attire: On days that students attend PE, students must wear rubber-soled athletic shoes.

Pulaski School Clothing Dress Code Guidelines for ALL students

Hats/hoods are not to be worn inside the building. Please dress children appropriately for the weather, especially during the winter for outdoor time during the school day. Parents and students, please use appropriate discretion in school clothing choices. Clothes that are too short, too tight or too loose fitting, or show undergarments or too much skin are not appropriate for wearing to school. Flip-flops are not to be worn to school.

Pulaski IB World students are growing and continuing to develop self-discipline and personal responsibility as global citizens. As they learn about their place in the world, Pulaski strives to give our students opportunities to make good choices and grow in their personal responsibilities. Giving our students their own choices for appropriate school clothing allows them to begin making these decisions while still supported by their home and school community. Please take this opportunity to talk with your child(ren) about this new responsibility and about making good choices.

School Fee- $75

The fee schedule was developed in conjunction with the local school council regarding the types and amounts of fees to be charged. Students whose parents cannot afford to pay a fee or fees will not be denied educational activities or services and that if the parent is unable to pay a fee he or she should contact the main office.
In order to offset costs, each student is required to pay a school fee of $75, which will be collected from parents by September 28th. The fee is used to purchase an agenda book for 2nd-8th grades, instructional materials, and technology repairs.

In addition, students in the MYP Program will be required to check out a school issued Chromebook. The Chromebook fee is an additional $50.

Please send your child’s student fee to his/her teacher by September 28th. If circumstances do not allow you to meet this deadline, please make special arrangements at the Main office.

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