Physical and Health Education

  • Physically active and educated children are more likely to thrive academically and socially. It is for this reason, as well as many others, that Pulaski International School of Chicago provides a quality Physical Education program to all students grades Kindergarten through 8th.

    Physical Education at Pulaski is designed to get your students moving and provide them with a foundation to be physically active throughout their lives. Students will learn about their bodies, different types of movement, engage in daily exercise that raises their heart rate, individual and team sport game play, as well as individualized skill development in many different areas of sport and exercise. Other areas, such as proper nutrition and how to effectively warm up to prevent injury will also be touched upon frequently throughout the year. Our primary goal is to make your children lifelong practitioners of exercise and sport!

    P.E. instruction is designed and planned by using both the Illinois State Standards for Physical Educationand the National Association of Sports and Physical Education (NASPE) Standards.  At Pulaski, students will critically think about their own bodies as it pertains to movement, situational decision-making in sport, and the short-term and long-term benefits of living an active lifestyle. Affective learning behaviors such as the demonstration of teamwork and positive encouragement/reinforcement of other students will be emphasized consistently.

    Proper attire is paramount to ensure the safety of your child in Physical Education class. Students will be required to wear an indoor/outdoor athletic shoe without marking soles at all times. Boots, sandals, flip-flops, and Crocs will not be permitted. Students that do not have the proper attire will not be allowed to participate in physical activity. 

    Remember, being physically active is something that everyone can enjoy at any age – both in and out of school. Now let’s get moving!

  • Sexual Health Education

    Pulaski would like to inform you of the Chicago Public Schools program that will be implemented during this school year. This is a comprehensive curriculum to teach sexual health education from grades kindergarten through 12th grade in all CPS schools and will teach developmentally-appropriate, medically-accurate information. 

    The Office of Student Health and Wellness is working to remove health-related barriers to learning so that students may succeed in college and life. The instructional program in grades K-12 will provide a foundation for knowledge and skills related to human development, relationships, decision-making, abstinence, medically-recommended contraception and disease prevention. At each grade level, the instructional program teaches developmentally-appropriate, medically-accurate information that builds on the knowledge and skills that were taught in the previous grades.

    Family Life Education – Kindergarten-4th Grade

    In grades K-4, the foundational instruction includes anatomy and physiology, puberty and adolescent development, identity, reproduction, healthy relationships and personal safety, often referred to as Family Life Education. Some of the lesson titles include: Respecting Everyone, Public vs. Private, Smart About Strangers, Building Relationships, and My Body. This curriculum will be taught for 300 minutes per grade per school year.

    Human and Personal Development – 5th-12th Grade

    In grades 5-12, the knowledge gained from grades K-4 serves as a foundation to which information about puberty and adolescent development and sexually transmitted diseases and HIV including information on abstinence, medically-recommended contraceptives, transmission and prevention of STIs and HIV, informed decision-making and sexual orientation are added. Some of the lesson titles include: Health and Hygiene, Decision Making, Adolescent Development, Abstinence and Contraceptives, Delay Tactics and Refusal Skills and Self-Esteem and Body Image. This curriculum will be taught for 675 minutes per grade per school year.

    It is our intention to educate our parents about this new program before classroom instruction begins. The sexual health education curriculum will be taught as part of P.E. and Health. Classroom instruction will be taught by our Physical Education teachers, Mr. Battin and Mr. Schram. You may also email questions to them at or We encourage our parents to engage in this part of your child’s growth.