Local School Council

Pulaski International School Local School Council (LSC) encourages parents, teachers and community members to participate by serving on committees that work to improve school life.

Pulaski’s LSC is an elected body whose primary responsibilities are to select the school’s principal, renew the principal’s contract, approve the Continuous Improvement Work Plan (CIWP), and approve the school’s budget. The LSC consists of six parents, two teachers, one school staff member, two community members and the principal of the school. Council members are elected every two years in April.  The Roles and Responsibilities of the LSC can be be found here.

School Year 2017-18 Annual Principal Presentation (March 2018)

The LSC and Principal work together to maintain the school’s high standards of education. The members of the Local School Council are:

  • Diana Racasi – Principal
  • Andrea Tolzmann – Chairperson, Parent Representative
  • Anne Warshaw – Vice-Chairperson, Community Representative
  • David Feinberg – Secretary, Community Representative
  • Piotr Wojciaczyk – Teacher Representative, OMA, FOIA
  • Stephanie Harte – Parent Representative
  • Axel Juarez – Parent Representative
  • Maribel Lugo – Non-Teacher Staff Representative
  • Nadia Nuñez – Parent Representative
  • Natashia Rosado – Teacher Representative
  • Scott Suckow – Parent Representative
  • Oscar Valencia – Parent Representative
LSC Agenda and Minutes

2018/2019 School Year

2017/2018 School Year

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School Year 2017-18 Annual Principal Presentation (March 2018)
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