IB PYP 5th Grade Exhibition

 Pulaski International School of Chicago’s PYP 5th Grade Exhibition An Inquiry into Sharing the Planet “Collaboration impacts the role we play in resolving global issues” The PYP Exhibition is a culminating event in the IB PYP Program that allows 5th grade students to engage in a trans-disciplinary inquiry process and incorporate the essential elements of […]

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In this unit, students will investigate both living and nonliving specimens with a variety of magnifiers, including the microscope. Unit Goals: Students will explore how magnification works and be able to understand which objects can be used as magnifiers.  Students will also be able to identify that living things are made of one or more cells that have observable structures. […]

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Math Unit:Place Value and Decimal Fractions Our first unit covers the topics of place value, decimal fractions, rounding decimal fractions, and adding/subtracting/multiplying and dividing decimals.  Students will begin by reviewing patterns in the base ten system and continue by deepening their understanding of the relationships between and among adjacent places on the place value chart.ооо полигон киев отзывыреклама кирпича

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