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2014 – 2015 Unidades de Estudio / Units of Study

Los siguientes temas y títulos representan lo que vamos a estudiar a cada nivel en mis clases de español este año. Mis lecciones incluyen vocabulario, pronunciación, escritura [deletreo], cultura, tecnología, música, y más. Como somos una escuela BI, a veces mis planes cambian un poco, dependiendo en los intereses e investigaciones de los estudiantes. Por […]

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General Homework Policies

General HOMEWORK Policies: Homework is given to students on a nightly basis and is due the following morning. Students will be assigned homework each school day, including Fridays. Homework must be recorded before dismissal in students’ agenda books. Nightly homework will be given in Reading, Math, and Vocabulary/Grammar. Please check with your child each night […]

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Science Units

Our first unit in science this year is an IB unit. The unit focuses around magnetism and electricity as well as how the two are connected to one another. Students will explore the characteristics of magnetism and electricity and will apply these characteristics to determine everyday uses. The unit will culminate with students constructing their own electric circuits as well […]

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